The Resort

The resort has 33 units (10 studios, 18 apartments and 3 bungalows) and one common plot of land. The plot of land of Lagoon Ocean Resort is divided into a number of separate plots on which buildings have been constructed and one (1) remaining plot, the common plot. The common plot borders on several separate plots. For an overview of the situation, please refer to the ground plan from the Curaçao Land Registry. The remaining plot is indicated on the ground plan of the Land Registry with number 848/2009.

All owners of the plots at Lagoon Ocean Resort have the right to transfer of a share in the common plot (land lease). This land lease of the common plot was not divided from the start. At 2008, December 17th the common plot was divided, so every owner has an equal shae in teh leand lease of teh common plot. The land lease end on 2028, April 15.

Use of Bahia premises

There is a small triangular piece of land between unit 19B and the wall of Bahia. This triangular piece is property of Bahia. LOR may use this piece and the resort provides for its maintenance. The LOR owners have the right of access to and egress from the terrace of Bahia and the stairs to the beach.


An important aspect is providing for security at the resort. Please also inform your guests about the information below and about the house rules.

Providing for security consists of the following:

Prevention of undesired visits
We try to prevent undesired visits (from thieves, loitering youths) by making it difficult to enter the premises without permission. The HOA is responsible for ‘the outside’. This refers to matters such as the outer walls, the operation of the main gate, the pedestrian gate. The access code of the main gate is changed regularly. For more information please refer to the item Gate. Bahia provides for the (door by) the stairs to the beach. The owners of unit 13 are responsible for the prevention of undesired visits by way of the stairs that lead to the sea which is near their unit.

Camera supervision
There are cameras present at the resort.

Closing off the unit
The owners are responsible for properly locking the unit themselves. Make sure that the windows and doors are fitted with proper locks on windows and doors and, more importantly: make sure they are used.

Keep valuables out of sight
Do not place valuable items (laptops, telephones, bank cards, credit cards, money) in front of the window. Take valuables along with you to the bedroom when you turn in at night (be aware that the noise of the air-conditioning may enable undesired visitors to enter without being detected).


Maintenance of the resort

Maintenance of the resort is carried out on orders from the Board. Maintenance costs are paid by the owners (out of the maintenance contributions)

Maintenance contributions

Every owner is under the obligation to pay a fee for the costs of maintenance of the resort. The amount of this maintenance contribution is determined by the HOA. The contribution is different for every type of unit.
In 2022 the fees are:

Per month Per year
Studio 125 Naf 1,500 Naf
Apartment 245 Naf 2,940 Naf
Bungalow 490 Naf 5,880 Naf


Payments can be deposited into the HOA bank account at Orco-Bank. The banking information is as follows:

Name of the bank Orco Bank N.V.
Location of the bank Willemstad, Curacao, Netherlands Antilles
Account holder VVE Lagoon Ocean Resort
Account number 107 597 0195
SWIFT-code of the bank ORBACWCU

Home Owners Association

Home Owners’ Association

The Home Owners’ Association Lagoon Ocean Resort (HOA) was founded on 14 July 2009.

The purpose of the HOA, as described in the articles of association, is as follows:

Represent the common interests of the owners of plots at the Lagoon Ocean Resort, to manage and control the common facilities, to monitor compliance with the planning regulations for the location and external appearance of buildings, to execute such provisions, to collect civil fines and to perform services for its members.

The HOA is a legal entity and is registered with the Chamber of Commerce of Curaçao under number 119318. The HOA has a Board and a General Membership Meeting.

HOA for buildings 6, 7 and 8

The HOA LOR must be distinguished from 3 other HOAs at the resort, being the Home Owners’ Associations established for building 6, building 7 and building 8. They contain the division in condominiums. This website has no information about the HOAs for buildings 6, 7 or 8.

Emergency Contacts for the Resort
Police, Fire and Ambulance: 911

Pest Control

Best Pest Control is used on the resort to treat Termites and Rats.

For Ant, Cockroaches and other pest you may contact them for a quote

Tel: +599 9 736 4700

Airco repairs and installation.

The following companies are recommended for Airco Installation or repair.

General Contractor for Repairs and Painting





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