In case of an Emergency

In case an incident occurs in spite of everything, the victim will be faced with the question what to do next.

Reporting incidents and cancelling bank cards, credit cards, etc.

An incident should be reported to the police. The nearest police station is in Barber. If desired, Bahia will provide assistance for the
Bahia will provide assistance and guidance for the victim and ensure that the relevant authorities are notified. Obviously, the police will be informed, but assistance will be provided to cancel bank cards, credit cards, etc. At the reception desk of Bahia, there is a handbook for emergencies, containing all the relevant telephone numbers. The provision of this service is included in the service package. The guest may use the telephone of Bahia, should this be an international call, the guest will be required to cover the cost.

Viewing camera footage

There are cameras present at the resort. In case of an incident (burglary, destruction of property or a serious emergency) the footage will be viewed to verify if any useful images have been captured on video. If such is the case, Bahia will store the relevant footage on a data carrier and hand this over to the authorities.