The Resort

The resort has 33 units (10 studios, 18 apartments and 3 bungalows) and one common plot of land. The plot of land of Lagoon Ocean Resort is divided into a number of separate plots on which buildings have been constructed and one (1) remaining plot, the common plot. The common plot borders on several separate plots. For an overview of the situation, please refer to the ground plan from the Curaçao Land Registry. The remaining plot is indicated on the ground plan of the Land Registry with number 848/2009.

All owners of the plots at Lagoon Ocean Resort have the right to transfer of a share in the common plot (land lease). This land lease of the common plot was not divided from the start. At 2008, December 17th the common plot was divided, so every owner has an equal shae in teh leand lease of teh common plot. The land lease end on 2028, April 15.

Use of Bahia premises

There is a small triangular piece of land between unit 19B and the wall of Bahia. This triangular piece is property of Bahia. LOR may use this piece and the resort provides for its maintenance. The LOR owners have the right of access to and egress from the terrace of Bahia and the stairs to the beach.

Swimming Pools and Garden

Maintenance of the swimming pool, the shed for the pump, the garden and other outside areas has been assigned to Mahos (Johan van Belzen). Johan van Belzen can be reached at +59999 667 0090 / Maintenance requires 5 days a week / 6 hours a day.


The maintenance tasks of the resort can be described as follows:


  • Electric gates kept in good repair, painted so there are no rust stains. Wheels and gears greased as needed.
  • Lights checked and replaced when necessary.
  • Garbage and other debris removed and/or swept clean.


  • IMPORTANT SAFETY HAZARD: The right hand side, grey valve, next to the pool pump in the pump house, must be kept in the OFF position. It is only to be put ON when the pool vacuum cleaner is being used and must be switched back to the OFF position immediately afterwards. Hazard of child’s hair being sucked into outlet.
  • Pool skimmed of leaves daily, bottom vacuumed every other day.
  • PH tested and documented in log book. Chemicals added as needed and documented in log book. Chemical ordered as needed.
  • Pump kept serviced and in good working order.
  • Timers checked regularly in lieu of power cuts.
  • Pump house kept clean, neat and tidy.
  • Pool surround swept clear of gravel, stone and other debris, sun beds and chairs neatly placed.
  • Garbage bin under pool palapa emptied and bag replaced.

Garden and Outside Area

  • Keep planters tidy and raked (no grass, eventually flowering plants.
  • Shrubbery pruned and weeded.
  • Blighted/infested plants sprayed; when unsuccessful result, remove plant and place another one.
  • Bare ground areas planted with colorful plants.
  • Dead palm leaves cut down and properly disposed of. Palm flowers, coconuts cut off.
  • Plants overgrowing from outside sea wall cut back.
  • All cuttings and debris must be placed in dumpster [not thrown over wall] on Friday or Sunday only.
  • Sweep gravel under oceanside palapa, keep seats/tables under small palapa on bay side clean.
  • Parking lot areas swept clean of white gravel, stones and other debris.
  • Septic tank to be emptied of filled as necessary.

Watering System

  • All timers checked, batteries changed and replaced when needed.
  • Filter in pump house cleaned out once a week.
  • If septic tank is low, water tanker contacted, schedule delivery to refill it.
  • Watering system checked monthly. Pipes opened at ends and flushed out with clean water. Spray nozzles checked, cleaned or replaced.
  • Pump and pipes in pump house checked for wear and tear.
  • Septic tank to be filled or emptied as necessary.


  • Litter picked up.
  • Gravel raked free of weeds, dead leaves, etc.
  • Wires/pipes need burying in gravel, permanently fixing down with pegs or cement or both.
  • Exterior of property cleared of litter, palm trees along road pruned of dead leaves and weeds removed.
  • Outside LOR sign on electricity station wall kept clear of plant growth.
  • Electricity station not our responsibility but if it fills up with litter it reflects on the resort so needs to be kept reasonably clean.

Security Lighting

  • Check and/or replace light bulbs and, when necessary, reset ground trip switch in pump house [problem is being assessed]
  • All outside lights checked for signs of water/insects, cleaned out and sealed as required.
  • Light sensors sealed against weather and replaced as needed.


  • Empty mailbox [a mailbox needs to be placed inside resort).
  • All tools kept clean, oiled and neatly stored in good repair.
  • Inspect for any signs of termites on the resort and notify the board and/or working group immediately to arrange for appropriate solution.
  • Submit via email to the Board on weekly basis a list of duties performed and any problems observed or dealt with.
  • Observe units for signs of unusual activity -– break-ins, unauthorized entries and report to board and/or working group immediately.
  • Garbage bins placed outside for Selikor and brought in when emptied.
  • In a pleasant and respectful manner restrict local children and all people who do not stay at Lagoon Ocean Resort from using the pool.
  • Check in pump house all fuse switches are on and timers are working and set correctly.
  • Check Internet router, reset if needed.
  • Must have a tidy appearance while working at resort.
    When decided, the HOA will supply t-shirt and/or Polo shirt with LOR logo which shall be worn while on the premises.

Water and Electricity

  • For the supply of water and electrics by Aqualectra, the LOR board has taken out two contracts.
  • This refers to water and electrics for the pool the pump shed and the lights around the resort. The owners must pay for water and electrics of their own units themselves.
  • The meter is located along the outside wall.

Wifi / Internet

  • The board has a contract with flow for 2 x Coax lines into the resort.
  • The Antennas are located around the resort and under the Palapa
  • The speed is 2 x 600 mbs. Enough for streaming video and business clients.
  • Please do not connect any personal cameras to the WIFI system